A Little Support Goes A Long Way

I carry my Fujifilm X10 everywhere with me, but, today, I also carried my Manfrotto Tripod in the trunk of my car. So after Carline and I finished with our errands, we decided to stop and take some pictures of possible picturesque places. I really wanted to try taking pictures with the X10 mounted on the tripod to see how far I can achieve good image quality. In my article Fujifilm X10: The Little Camera That Can I ran the X10 through its paces in Italy as a “street shooter” and in various lighting conditions to test out the versatility of the camera. All the images then were taken hand-held with the internal image stabilization (IS) turned on (not sure it works well, though). Even with the IS on, I still got some motion blur on my part which is noticeable  zoomed in on the image at 100%. So the advent of using a tripod was interesting.

We drove around downtown Orlando in search of picture-able places. The first stop was a small park with a gazebo on the corner of Robinson St and Hillside Ave. The second was Greenwood Park, which is next to Greenwood Cemetary (I know; creepy). Looking at the original shots, I can see that there are much less artifacts than what I discovered in with my earlier photos. Either that, or these artifacts are some sort of psychosis on my part. I’ve attached the original shots and post-processed versions. I must say, the X10 does perform admirably and (even though I currently *am* using it for client work) I wouldn’t hesitate one bit shooting an event entirely with it. Albeit, if all my subjects are relatively, um, “still”.