Almost Sweet Sixteen

During the events of Faux More Years, I met many people waiting in line outside the Civic Center. One of who is Delia, a pastor at a nearby church. She needed a pen so I gave her mine and told her to keep it. In her gratitude, we started to talk and during the conversation she mentioned that she was looking for a photographer for her daughter, Kimani’s sweet sixteen. Naturally, I said I was available. I asked to see the venue, being paranoid about not having the proper equipment for the shoot. I also wanted to get a feel for the place. We met the following week and I decided to take some test shots of Kimani in various locations around the venue and at home.

Kimani has a very photogenic face which looks beautiful in her natural state. I prefer to spend time with my clients prior to the actual shoot to “read them” and be able to look for and anticipate their individual look, gesture, smile and emotion that identifies them, thereby avoiding getting stuck on “cookie-cutter” shots. Though certainly there are only so many poses you can instruct your client to take, it’s the micro-gestures that make the photos unique, but you really have to look for them.

For portraits, I usually use a full-frame camera and my portrait lens, buf for this shoot, I decided to use my portrait lens with my crop sensor. I do like the added compression and the detail is quite on par with the full-frame combination. This is probably what I’ll use on the event day.