Eggleston’s Forge Beach

At 5:00AM, Sam is whining to go potty. It really is not urgent. It’s just that he likes his walk. Especially at Forge Beach: the smells, the woodland critters, the neighboring dogs and the toddlers that get excited petting him. Okay, the toddlers are there much later in the day, but he doesn’t know not to expect them.

Every since the summer started, we’ve been seeing personal objects being left behind at the beach as if they are community owned or safe from burglary (though not sure it’s burglary if it’s community owned). So since I have a dog, a camera and mundane objects, I decided to play Eggleston again. I purposely took one and only one frame of each object, imitating Eggleston’s methods (not necessarily his style). With this approach, I had to make certain conscious efforts to afford the look that I wanted and to be satisfied with them after I took the shot. I then process the images with all the exaturations (a portmanteau of exaggeration and staturation) that exude from channeling Eggleston.

Every day presents a new object, but not all are “interesting” (which is an egglestonian oxymoron). This set is the most endemic of Forge Beach (it’s actually a lake — with sand).