Faux Sweet Home

I don’t usually write about where I live, but my recent move from Kissimmee, Florida to Westford, Massachussets inspired me to write one, especially since the scenes to and from the city of Boston makes for nice postcards. That and the fact that we have a cool pad! This is not to say that our home in Kissimmee is not cool. In fact, we really love our home there. This “faux home” in Westford is temporary, though the length of the “temporariness” is yet to be determined (at least a year, since that’s the length of our lease).

I’ve often wanted to live in a loft apartment. Apparently, so did Carline. In a span of two weeks, we looked at several loft and loft-like places, but we fell in love with this one. We are fortunate that this is a pet friendly place. Sam is our baby now, even though we are here to be closer to our son Jonathan, Jonathan lives on his own. Relatively speaking. So we are empty-nesters with a dog and a cat. Max, the feline, would most likely stay in Florida with one of our daughters. He’s not into snow. And, besides, he would go crazy trying to figuring out how to get on the rafters and half-walls. Judging by the layout, he could very well pull it off which would be kinda creepy having an animal watch you from above while you’re unaware of the potential “pounceability factor”.

These apartments are a remodeling of an old mill. We are in the main mill building. There are apartments in the powerstation buildings as well. The complex is called Abbot Mill. You can do a search on “Abbot Mill” and get more information as well as its history.

Anyway, in the following weeks I will be posting more photos of my surroundings. I’ll probably make a series of them.