Kittius Maximus

Though this is a title reserved for our cat Max, I am referring to cats larger than a Smart Car (then again, what NOT larger than a Smart Car?)

Last weekend, I went on a safari through the Savanna (ok, not THE Savanna, but 1:1000 scaled version at Disney’sAnimal Kingdom) and was fortunate because I got to see something I’ve wanted to see in the six years of visiting the park: kitties. Not any ol’ kitty like Max (don’t worry, he can’t read), but kitties in the semi-wild. Every time we take the Safari, we only get glimps of kitty ears and kitty eyes, but never full kitty bodies walking about their “natural habitat”. I’m sure these cats know they’re not REALLY in Africa, but in some Africa-esque environment. It just doesn’t smell the same.

All shots were taking with the Canon 7D and the Canon 24-105mm f/4L. They were processed minimally in Lightroom 3.