La Penna è Piú Potente…

I love pens. Pens inspire me to write. Then I get uninspired and buy another pen. But when I have a good pen, that lasts until I either lose the pen or it gets, um, “permanently borrowed”.

Last November, I bought my father a pen from Rivoaltus while Carline and I were in Venice. It took me a while to select a pen. They were all beautiful. I chose a ballpoint pen that twists open. It’s pewter with an intricate design (see below). Well, I should have bought myself one, so after a while, I had pen lust. So, today, I took the plunge and purchased a nice pen from a local dealer at the mall.

After my usual “Hmm…let me look at this one…” for an hour, I finally settled on another Italian made pen from Visconti, from their Rembrandt edition. Yeah, I know. Rembrandt wasn’t Italian. I had the shop attendant monogram mine (which was cool to watch). The top of the pen has a badge which is magnetically held. She used a magnetic tool to remove the badge and add my monogram. I guess what I need now is a nice journal/notebook to compliment it.

UPDATE: the pen is made of variegated resin as opposed to celluloid as the photo below suggests.