Tribute to Forge Lake

Carline and I have been living in Forge Village (part of the Town of Westford) since April 1, 2013 (yeah, we thought it was a joke too). We were told, by the leasing office, about “the lake” in reference to the available amenities at Abbot Mill. Well, a week or two later, Carline, Sam and I went walking towards the lake. We entered Forge Beach (there is a sign at the entrance) off of the main road. It’s a small road next to and parallel to the train track (oh, yeah, a very LOUD train passes at all hours of the day and night, blowing it’s VERY LOUD horn before reaching the crossing, which, unfortunately, is AT Abbot Mill). The road leads to a parking lot and there you find a rather small “beach” (it has sand), a very small playground, picnic tables, benches, rowing boats (complete with shed), a dock for the rowing team to launch off of and a small patch of forest with a trail that leads around and back to the train tracks.

Ever since that fateful day of discovery, Sam heads straight to the lake when I take him potty (only to discover months later that his nephew, Chewie, will follow suit).

Going to the lake twice a day (morning and evening) has allowed me to see it in different lights (literally). There were times that the sunlight would hit just right on the trees, other times the overcast day would give the lake a mournful look; and rarely, when clouds got tired of floating and came down onto the lake to sit for a bit, a mysterious and quite foreboding look.

Though my idea of Massachusetts as a place to live is not…how can I put this….”well received”, I do have to admit that the lake has given me time to admire its beauty, time to reflect on myself, and opportunities for Sam and I (especially Sam) to observe the woodland critters that scamper about the lake and forest. These include, but not limited to, squirrels (obviously), turtles, hawks, flocks of cardinals (and I mean in droves!), foxes (though I never got to hear what they say), coyotes, otters, the ubiquitous deer (very up close and personal), and, allegedly, a fisher cat. There were also reports of bears nearby and one that *actually* came to our parking lot one night, and evidence of beavers of yore, from the “half-eaten” trees.

We will be saying goodbye to Forge Lake/Beach/Pond soon, but not before seeing it one last time.