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To Begin Again

As I started this post, and thinking about the what I’m planning to write, Nelson Rangell’s rendition of “To Begin Again”, started playing in my head. It’s a fitting piece for the images I’m about to share, so I titled this post the same. I don’t usually post about the weddings I photograph, but something […]

Looking Back at Sam Abell

This past weekend, I decided to take some time for myself and do a little street photography. After easily finding a parking along Boston’s Public Garden (not an easy thing to do, usually), I stepped out of the car and saw my first shot: a woman, on the other side of the park fence, sitting […]

Tengo Tango


In Spain…

Spain: home of paella, flamenco, sangria, horchata and lisps. A beautiful country rich in culture with modern conveniences, and architecture that will “wow” even the dullest of us. It’s quite different, historically, than Greece and Italy, for example. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s “less ancient” than the other two, at […]

In Italy…

Bari Because of the “Greek Fiasco” due to the air traffic controllers’ strike, we didn’t get to visit Malta, which meant more days in Italy. We visited Italy four years ago: Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi, Venice, Milan and Florence. This time around, we wanted to visit the other side of Italy: the heel area. Our plan […]

In Greece…

Athens Greece. The birth place of the European culture, slouvaki, feta cheese, and men who where male purses (technically, field bags). I fit right in wearing my ONA Berlin II camera bag. I also had the most feta in five days than in my entire life (one more day than planned, but I’ll get to […]

Looking for Inspiration

Convention Convention This year I finally decided to attend the PhotoPlus convention that’s held in New York City. I say finally because every year for the past few years, my friend, Matt Gore would ask me if I will attend, and I always decline for some reason or another. Since I now live in Massachusetts, I […]

Life With Leica: A Humble Message

I kinda stole the title from Thorsten von Overgaard‘s video, but I think it’s befitting here since, for some reason, having a Leica seems to be a big deal to many people, which oftentimes puts me in the spotlight, but I’m here to debunk that notion. Some photographers (at least, the ones who can afford […]

Seattle’s Best

I realize “Seattle’s Best” is a coffee brand, but that’s not what this title is referring to. I just needed a title for this post. This was supposed to be a post describing my experience shooting with two different cameras, but I decided to leave the shop talk for later and just write a photo blog […]

One Image. Again.

I don’t keep up with current events. Okay, not in a “current way”. I wait for John Oliver to deliver the news in his Last Week Tonight show. So, yeah, I’m always a week late than most of you. This is not always a bad thing because by the time I get the news, it has […]