Italy: A faux-reign affair – Rome (parte ultimo)

After an exhausting day in Florence, we headed back to Rome on another .italo train. This time around, we were going to concentrate on Il Colosseo, La Collina Palatino and Il Pantheon. That’s a lot of old stuff to see! Anyway, the Colosseum was about 1.5 miles from Arco del Lauro so we walked. On our way there, […]

Italy: A Faux-reign Affair – Sorrento

We took a train ride to Sorrento from Rome. Actually, two: one from Rome to Naples and another from Naples to Sorrento. The second train, Circumvesuviana, is more like a subway train than an inter-city train; complete with graffiti. Naples is quite different than Rome. To me, the difference between Rome and Naples is the […]

Italy: A faux-reign affair – Rome (parte prima)

I just have four words so far: “I”, “love”, “this” and “place”! I will also say this: piccola may be in their vocabulary, but there is nothing small about this place. It puts Texas to shame! Okay. Perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration since la maggior parte delle macchine sono piccole, but the architecture […]

Orlando Japan Fest 2011

I didn’t know Orlando held a “Japan Festival” every year. Actually, this is the fourth year that it was celebrated, so it’s relatively new. My intent was to get some “artsy” photos and donate them to the festival’s organizers which they can, in turn, sell prints in support of various organizations that they sponsor. It […]