Living is easy with eyes closed… John Lennon


  • New Way of Seeing
    In my last post, I mentioned that I intended to deliver a print of my “one picture” to the subject of that picture, in Venice. It was taken ten years ago, as of this writing. I went back to the place where I took the photo, but, alas, the store that was there, was replaced… Read more: New Way of Seeing
  • Defining Oneself
    As I listen to “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, by The Beatles (don’t judge; I also have Snoop, Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd, and Rod Stewart in the same playlist; you can judge me on Rod Stewart, though), I can’t help but think of Harry Benson’s photo of “the pillow fight”, where The Beatles are… Read more: Defining Oneself
  • To Begin Again
    As I started this post, and thinking about the what I’m planning to write, Nelson Rangell’s rendition of “To Begin Again”, started playing in my head. It’s a fitting piece for the images I’m about to share, so I titled this post the same. I don’t usually post about the weddings I photograph, but something… Read more: To Begin Again