In Spain…

Spain: home of paella, flamenco, sangria, horchata and lisps. A beautiful country rich in culture with modern conveniences, and architecture that will “wow” even the dullest of us. It’s quite different, historically, than Greece and Italy, for example. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s “less ancient” than the other two, at […]

Life With Leica: A Humble Message

I kinda stole the title from Thorsten von Overgaard‘s video, but I think it’s befitting here since, for some reason, having a Leica seems to be a big deal to many people, which oftentimes puts me in the spotlight, but I’m here to debunk that notion. Some photographers (at least, the ones who can afford […]

Tête à Tête

Today I got a hair cut. Actually, it was just about an hour ago, but since I had my computer with me and I hadn’t had any breakfast, I decided to sit at a fairly remote wifi-enabled coffee shop that “starts with bread”, and blog about it. Only because I wanted to present to you […]