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New Way of Seeing

In my last post, I mentioned that I intended to deliver a print of my “one picture” to the subject of that picture, in Venice. It was taken ten years ago, as of this writing. I went back to the place where I took the photo, but, alas, the store that was there, was replaced […]

Defining Oneself

As I listen to “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, by The Beatles (don’t judge; I also have Snoop, Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd, and Rod Stewart in the same playlist; you can judge me on Rod Stewart, though), I can’t help but think of Harry Benson’s photo of “the pillow fight”, where The Beatles are […]

To Begin Again

As I started this post, and thinking about the what I’m planning to write, Nelson Rangell’s rendition of “To Begin Again”, started playing in my head. It’s a fitting piece for the images I’m about to share, so I titled this post the same. I don’t usually post about the weddings I photograph, but something […]

The Divide

I went out Saturday afternoon to get some pen refills at Bromfield Pen Shop (yeah, I could have ordered them from Amazon, but I needed to get out). I parked my car on Charles Street, which divides the Public Garden and Boston Common, and walked a little over half a mile to the shop. After […]

Looking Back at Sam Abell

This past weekend, I decided to take some time for myself and do a little street photography. After easily finding a parking along Boston’s Public Garden (not an easy thing to do, usually), I stepped out of the car and saw my first shot: a woman, on the other side of the park fence, sitting […]

The Fourth 2018

Jonathan spent almost a week with me during his July 4th vacation, and, on the 4th, I took him to the city to ride the swan boats before taking back to his residence. It was a very bright day, but, amazingly, it was quiet. There were no crowds to speak of. Nothing going on out […]

Tengo Tango


The Old is New

As I sit in this coffee house, listening to coffee house music and watching trendy coffee house patrons read their newspapers and trendy magazines, sipping their trendy coffee drinks, like my grande, extra shot, blonde flat white, and having trendy conversations, I see a tendency towards a simpler life style. In reality, it seems a […]

A Rainy-er Good Time

After receiving a call from a friend who was visiting Seattle on business, Carline decided to book an impromptu flight to see her. Obviously, I tagged along since it gave me an opportunity to hang out with my friend Matt Gore (https://www.lightandmatter.org/staff-contributors-2/).  Carline and Amrita met at the Isha Hatha Yoga Institute in Coimbatore, India, […]


I’ve always been fascinated with ancient civilizations. This fascination started around 11 years of age. Our recent vacations were centered around visiting ruins and connecting with our past (but mostly eating). My biggest obsession was with pyramids, especially after reading the book, published in 1976, titled Pyramid Power by Max Toth and Greg Neilsen[1]It was in […]