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Looking Back at Sam Abell

This past weekend, I decided to take some time for myself and do a little street photography. After easily finding a parking along Boston’s Public Garden (not an easy thing to do, usually), I stepped out of the car and saw my first shot: a woman, on the other side of the park fence, sitting […]

The Fourth 2018

Jonathan spent almost a week with me during his July 4th vacation, and, on the 4th, I took him to the city to ride the swan boats before taking back to his residence. It was a very bright day, but, amazingly, it was quiet. There were no crowds to speak of. Nothing going on out […]

Tengo Tango



I’ve always been fascinated with ancient civilizations. This fascination started around 11 years of age. Our recent vacations were centered around visiting ruins and connecting with our past (but mostly eating). My biggest obsession was with pyramids, especially after reading the book, published in 1976, titled Pyramid Power by Max Toth and Greg Neilsen[1]It was in […]

It’s Been A While…

After 28 years, we finally went back to Puerto Rico. We weren’t supposed to go there. We were headed to Peru, but the flights were booked and we couldn’t get on standby. The Puerto Rico flight was quite empty. We arrived in San Juan and stayed at the Ciqala Luxury Suites; a quaint, but nicely […]

In Italy…

Bari Because of the “Greek Fiasco” due to the air traffic controllers’ strike, we didn’t get to visit Malta, which meant more days in Italy. We visited Italy four years ago: Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi, Venice, Milan and Florence. This time around, we wanted to visit the other side of Italy: the heel area. Our plan […]

An American Holiday in Montréal

For the long Memorial Day weekend, Carline, Foxxy, Sam and I took a trip up to Montreal; just a five hour drive from Boston. Originally meant to be a “mini-vacay” for just the humans, it turned into an opportunity to catch up with family and friends, so my original idea of street photography turned into […]

Fauxtographic Journey

Our son’s 21st birthday was in March 11, 2014. For those of you who don’t know him , his name is Jonathan. Aptly named because we knew he was a gift from God. You may be wondering what this has to do with photography or blogging about photography. The answer is “nothing”, really. But it […]

Italy: A Faux-reign Affair – Sorrento

We took a train ride to Sorrento from Rome. Actually, two: one from Rome to Naples and another from Naples to Sorrento. The second train, Circumvesuviana, is more like a subway train than an inter-city train; complete with graffiti. Naples is quite different than Rome. To me, the difference between Rome and Naples is the […]