It’s taken me two years to select and edit the photos in this post. I guess I felt (actually, I still do) that they are not a good representation on the impression Haiti left on me. But, perhaps, I should simply talk about these photos as well as my impression of Haiti.

I was fortunate to take this trip, thanks to my friend, Allen Reesor of the Metrix Research Group. Here’s a blurb on what they’re all about from their website…

The Metrix Research Group, a non-profit research corporation, is dedicated to assisting international organizations, groups, and agencies incorporate high-quality research into their operation to improve efficacy, better organize and leverage technology, build capacity, and increase market share by employing a modular step-by-step process of research and analysis that will best serve the needs and budget of each client.

Allen was traveling to Haiti and I asked if I could accompany him; making my trip a true photojournalistic endeavor and capturing his work there. I also wanted to see, first hand, the devastation left by the earthquake a year before. Well, it turned the tragedy I was expecting, seemed to be non-existent. It was “business as usual” and it was unlike what the media in the US portrayed. So my focus switched to my surroundings rather than what Allen was there for. I guess it turned out fine since he did tell me that there wouldn’t be much to document anyway. I actually spent most of my time in a vehicle traveling from place to place. I was able to do some walking about in Gonaives where I was able to interact with the people there. Well, more specifically, they interacted with me.

Among the rubble caused by the earthquake, I found beauty in the land. Perhaps it was just me, but I felt a sense of calm where I should have felt chaos; not even a bit of confusion. I guess it’s the minimalist in me. I tend to gravitate towards “simple”.

My trip was quite short; only four days, but worth it, nonetheless. Perhaps when I go back, I can take more “meaningful” pictures.

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