People connect to one another in the most unexpected ways. For almost three years I’ve been serve my “grande bold with half-and-half and four raw sugars stirred in” by the Starbucks two miles south of where I live. At one point, I was served by Joseline (at first, I thought her name was “Jocelyn”) who had a remarkable semblance to Salma Hayek and/or Penelope Cruz (though, in my opinion, more Hayek than Cruz). After about a year and a half of coffee (maybe more), I decided to ask Joseline if she would allow me to take her portrait (I can always use a pretty face on my site) and gave her one of my business cards. She agreed and said that she would call me when she had some free time. Many months passed and no call. I lost contact for a while and when we “met” again, I offered again. This time she told me that she was getting engaged and that in October she would have some free time. This was probably very early 2012.

Well, October was here and gone and it wasn’t until January 16th, 2013 that I saw Joseline again. This time, she told me that she already procured another photographer (she had lost my card) for her wedding four days henceforth (we really weren’t speaking in Old English, but it does make for a more poetic post, no?). I gracefully conceded and drove off with my GBWHAHAFRSSI then thought “…why not…” I returned to give her my number again, just in case. She was actually thinking the same thing and a day later I was hired.

We shot the wedding and one week later we shot a series of portraits of the married couple. All in all, it was a fun wedding.

And I still get my GBWHAHAFRSSI on occasion in the mornings.

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