Italy: A Faux-Reign Affair – Florence

Italy: A Faux-Reign Affair – Florence

We left Milan on a .italo high-speed train to Florence. This was going to be a one day trip. Our goal was to see as much art and history as possible.

Our first stop was the duomo. We took a taxi from the train station which costs us €5. Later, we found out we were walking distance from it. What can I say; tourists.

The duomo was quaint compared to others that we’ve visited. It was still beautiful, though. It was the only thing we didn’t have to pay an entry fee for. Everything else we visited was within walking distance from the duomo.

We visited the major galleries like Pallazzo Vecchio, <etc>. The art in these places are, well, “not suitable for younger children”. Perhaps the water in Florence causes delirium, but looking at these sculptures of “wrestling” men and women makes you wonder what the artist was thinking about at the moment.

Kid: Mommy why is that man holding the other man’s….
Mom: [interrupting] Heeeyyy let’s go get some gelato!

Speaking of gelato, we had lunch at the famous chocolate factory and restaurant Ristorante Rivoire. Lunch and dessert was good. It was also about €95. Carline and I noticed that omelettes are a fashionable delicacy at the restaurant. That would make The Waffle House an upscale establishment. [smile]

We really needed more time to explore Florence, especially, the non-tourist locations. We are planning a return trip soon.

Since we were short on time, I mostly took pictures of the art we were allowed to photograph. I’m sure the city is beautiful and we are looking forward to seeing it.

[Please forgive the photos. I was a bit lackluster when taking them. I guess too many people in my way.]

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